Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Mighty Quinn

come all without, come all within


I do declare the drought is over!

it's like Quinn the Mighty Eskimo came down from Alaska and gave us cold and rain...I thought the heat wave would last forever and gave away most of my winter clothes..so I'm down to my Territory Ahead sweatpants and an Old Navy pea coat

the lakes and reservoirs aren't full but the drought is done..as I was watchng the Three Stooges and Twilight Zone marathons on New Year's, I was cracking up and basking in the cozy sci-fi nostalgia...outside the clouds were thick and the air was frigid like my ex-wife...no heat wave just good cold weather and up in the hills toward Ojai, the wind was blowing and it felt real good...

In Santa Barbara, you can't water your lawns, but Mother Nature can so I'd keep the lawns..the smell of fresh cut grass shall not be abridged..it's just too good...but some folks have already installed the astro-turf and Arizona pink rock -cactus mobile home park look which frankly makes me wanna puke

in a drought just let the lawn go and turn brown, then when the rains come it'll come back to life and don't worry about the weeds..let 'em grow because they are the only thing keeping it green...

but the recent rains have turned everything green with surplus water creating creeks and ponds for bullfrogs and such...I love this more than I can say

and when Quinn the Eskimo gets here, all the pigeons gonna run to him

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