Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bad Bad Leroy Brown

meaner than a junk yard dog

does the News-Press print fake news? of course it does...City Editor and Wendy sychophant Scott Steepleton made up stuff when he was covering the Peter Lance DUI caper...what Scott forgot to tell us is that Lance lawyer Darryl Genis was a tax cheat but Scott did make up some doozies about the Santa Barbara cops...the end result is Scott finally printed the Genis story (he had to) and Darryl blamed his dead accountant for the crime.. Genis is in big trouble and the SB cops are doing great...

the News-Press is yellow

but now it seem Scott fancies himself an investigative journalist and he's all stuck up in something called Targate, a name for the Greka Oil spills from years past..oh we all followed the spills and denials from the likes of kooky Brooks Firestone (who leased land to Greka) and Mike Stoker (who took a job as spokeman for Greka) and we witnessed the County Of Santa Barbara at the expense of taxpayers respond to all the spills..and we saw the horrendous state of the Greka Oil facilites and the poor training of operators...and on and on

but lately the News-Press and Scott Steepleton have been writing a long rambling story about how the feds are responsible for the oil spills and Greka is merely an innocent victim of gov't bullies...

the latest foray into this phony journalism is Scott's attempt to hang homophobia and racism at the EPA's door...read it and it really doesn't make much sense...according to Scott some gov't guy threatened Greka if they didn't clean up their act, they would go to jail and be romanced by a guy named Leroy!! the gov't guy said he didn't recall the conversations but Scott tries to turn that into some high crime by gov't officials...it's like Donald Trump talking about grabbing girls' pussies..it's guy talk..and remember the News-Press was one of two little papers to endorse Trump for POTUS

now, some evidence was mishandled by the County folks according to a judge, but the case against Greka can go on and the company is on the hook for millions in fines..and they should pay

but these oil people and their pals don't like regulations and don't like paying their dues..so they blame the gov't or any gov't agency charged with protecting the environment..is it any wonder they want no regs?? that would leave then free to pollute and make profits at the expense of the environment...

look out your window..what do you see? I see some really nice views of the marsh and hills and will not let anyone pollute it...

and if someone does pollute it, they should be held accountable despite the crazy News-Press protests..

but accountability is something Team Wendy just doesn't understand

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