Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Everyday People

different strokes for different folks


I haven't eaten at Sly's yet in Carpinteria ..the building was sold so I don't know how long the restaurant will be there...but if I do eat there I might have a nice steak sandwich with a Bloody Mary and no one will be the wiser...but you know what? an animal had to die for me to eat that steak sandwich...fries and ketsup resulted in no deaths

say "hello" to Porterhouse!
now, there's two competing dog nonprofits locally: Davey's Voice and Davey's Legacy both in honor of the pup who was murdered by the Chinese freak who was in America legally to hurt people and animals apparently...

but the animal nonprofits know full well that rich gal Wendy is an animal advocate (on the surface anyway) and any pro-dog publicity is good for them and their bottom line..so it's a cat fight between Gretchen and Julia, #69 to get Wendy's money and attention..both gals are a little kooky so Wendy fits right in with them....

so what's my point? well the News-Press had a story (after I did one months ago) about the Chinese dogs saved from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival where dogs are part of the meat market because Asians eat dogs....and the slit-eyed ladies fuck good for the record! so some American folks went over to China and brought back dogs to local people and there's the story...one of the dogs, Wonton, was destined for a soupy grave

so back to my steak sandwich..the question is should dogs be pets or should they be on the menu...look at the News-Press story last week about certified lesbian Cat Cora..when Cat's not busy allegedly romancing slutty reality TV wives, she's cooking up a storm somewhere and now she's got a burger joint on the Mesa...and all you animal lovers know that burgers=dead cows..the News-Press reviewed Cat's restaurant and well, cold limp fries are not too cool, Cat..just keep the deep fryer oil clean ....just kidding Cat!!

but why are cows less important than dogs??

I see no rational reason to keep a dog in the house unless wrapped up as meat in the fridge..ranch dogs are the exception as they serve a purpose...

I'll grant reprieves to Boxers, German Sheperds, Australian Sheperds, and TOTO but all these other dogs are just mixed mutts that serve no purpose...of course Wendy's Gals love dogs with an irrational love that supercedes all others

and so on and so on and scoobie doobie doo

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