Friday, January 13, 2017

Sweet Surrender

Live, live without fear

so I'm reading the News-Press and Brother Andy Caldwell tells that the non-profit Young Miss America Foundation has sued the County of Santa Barbara to stop a trail through the Reagan Ranch....facts are scarce but Andy wants the trail gone and sees Reagan as equal to Lincoln and Washington as presidents...and the Ranch up in the mountains is a national treasure..Rancho del Cielo..although Andy's is a Guest Opinion, it is also obviously Wendy's opinion from one of her minions

the next day the News-Press had a front page story on the lawsuit...


well sure it's a cool ranch way out in the boonies and Reagan spent time there riding horses and pitching hay (at least that's what the Hollywood poses suggested)

but we know that Wendy McCuckoo influences the YMAF with her money..she pulls the puppet strings...she owns the Ranch Center building on State St and so she's probably behind the lawsuit against the county and the taxpayers..Wendy's first line of defense is to sue and send her flunky lawyers in to do the dirty work because she hates Americans

and  Reagan's jellybean issue has never really been resolved and what about Ron calling Nancy "mommy"...what's up with that??  sweet surrender??

but Rancho Del Cielo sits on 688 acres so why fuss over a trail anyway?? this issue goes back to 2012 so why a lawsuit now?

I was driving thru Hope Ranch and saw a bunch "SAVE OUR TRAIL" signs...I guess it's the Laguna Blanca trail the kids use or maybe the horse trails that may pass by private property...I know Wendy tried to keep people off the beach below her property..she really does hate Americans!!

of course nobody wants a bunch of white people on trails running thru or close to their property but there's easements and maybe deals can be worked out to keep everyone happy...

the Reagan Ranch was bought by a NON-PROFIT- the Young America Foundation which is tax-exempt, so they really have no rights to exclusive private property as they claim...

allegedly the trail being considered runs close to Ron's adobe but I think it would be cool as a hiker or horseman to see the little house that Ron and Nancy shared...and Ron liked the Louis L'Amore books like 'Crossfire Trail' so maybe he'd approve of a trail for the people

why should the Young Miss America Foundation hog all 688 acres for their little conservative revivals, student brainwashing and conservative celebrity parties??

I say build that trail and don't let a nonprofit dictate the guest list

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