Friday, January 27, 2017


I said maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me And after all, you're my wonderwall

the Chumash have won a proposal to build out Camp 4 with a wall around it to keep out white folk

ok so President Trump promised to build the Wall across the Mexican border for his Fox News pals and to keep the dirty rotten Mexicans out...Trump actually thinks the Wall is expected to keep illegals and drugs out of America...but America has a big demand for drugs and workers so a wall won't do anything...

now on O'Reilly, Dennis Miller was saying he was having lunch with his "dear friend" Nipper and Nipper told a joke about the Superbowl and Tom Brady is a patriot and well it was not a joke it was just lame attempt at false patriotism humor...Nipper and Miller...geez what a couple of degenerates

and the 9/11 terrorists all came into America by the front door...maybe Trump should secure the VISA system that allows bad people to waltz in and commit mayhem

the wall will be Trump's big boondoggle and now he wants to investigate why he lost the popular vote...Trump think illegals voted...and you'll recall he sent a team a few years ago to Hawaii to find Obama's birth certificate

and now I hear Trump is mad at the press for mis-reporting the size of the Inauguration..Trump says the actual size of the crowd was much, who cares???

our new president sounds a little kooky

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