Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bad Sneakers

I'm goin' insane,  laughin' at the frozen rain


I was driving around Santa Barbara doing various things when I see a blonde driving a Jaguar close to Hope Ranch .....definitely maybe Wendy...why don't these faux-Patriots who say they love America drive Fords or Chevys?? American guitars, cars and guns are where it's at

I'll have a few words to say about Chinese dogs next post!

why is FOX NEWS paying to settle Bill O'Reilly's sex harrassment lawsuits..this guy is a total phony patriot!!

dropped into Sears and picked up some shoes on sale and they are awesome!! SEARS..another great American institution

on the way back home I was stuck in traffic even though there's a three-lane highway

JANUARY 19 is Janis Joplin's birthday and her Porsche sold for like $250000..Porsche's are German cars but Janis can drive anything she wants because Janis unlike Wendy earned her money with talent....chick was ballsy


people keep telling me the drought is not over and I keep telling them it is over...the creeks are running, the groundwater basins are recharging and pretty soon the runoff will add to the reservoirs...the weather in case you didn't notice has changed...freezing temps, outrageous sunsets and sunrises, storms and the folks who kept their lawns are now benefitting from the lovely green

and there's snow in the ski resorts...this is all good news and a long time coming...

the drought is's over...meaning simply that we're getting rain..normal rainfall again

there's 14 feet of snow on the ground and it's colder than a well-digger's ass

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