Thursday, January 5, 2017


oh, 99 I've been waiting so long Oh 99 Where did we go wrong Oh 99 I love you....

be very wary of two-legged men preachng morality!!

I do not want a car that drives itself or parks itself, thank you anyway...

the purpose of a car or truck or hot rod for that matter is the joy of driving....I got a V8 Chevy pickup and I like the power..if I need to get away from some homo tailing me, I just punch it and I'm jammin'

speaking of homos, I see FOX NEWS sychophant Sean Hannity interviewed public enemy #1 Julian Assange. the guy who publishes information leaks to harm people, classified or not, dangerous or not...Assange and traitor Snowdon should be shot on sight but will Sean shoot Assange News is just so pathetic I can't imagine the kind of person that actually believes the bullshit coming from this Rupert Murdoch organization..

if I interviewed Assange, I might have to kill him

ok so Trump is giving Amarosa a job in the White House...that's fine with me because she's a fine looking woman and a fine looking black woman to boot which is rare..

becuz most black girls look like they just crawled out of a swamp

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