Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cat Scratch Fever

Well, I don't know where they come from but they sure do come

ok so Kathy Griffin holds fake severed head of Donald Trump and everyone gets all upset except me and Jim Carrey...comedians, Jim says, are the last line of defense against the if Kathy had waited few more months Halloween would be a perfectly appropriate time to roll out the head and everyone would be laughing!!

I mean if Trump says guys can grab chicks by their pussies, shouldn't he have his head chopped off??


 ok to get my laughs this week I had to read Montecito Journal where they had a story about the Ist Distinguished Patriots Award...Wendy and Nipper got the phony award and a bunch of dumbass rightwingers cheered them on..

the thought of Wendy running around free maddens me but Craig McCaw not so much..Craig earned his billions and there's a pic in the MJ showing him and others preparing to renovate the Riviera Theater with Craig giving $250000...the only problem here is Craig's restaurant in Montecito where Peabody's used to be is still in construction phase..five years and he can't get it opened!! The Riviera may take 20 years to complete and then I have to wonder what the meaning of life is with these characters running around high society

Craig McCaw-Slowhand

then I see CNN's  Wolf Blitzer appears to be living in Montecito, maybe at the Montecito Inn..


the Montecito Cafe closed after a long run and another restaurant called "Scratch" will be taking its place

I can only hope that Craig McCaw is not involved

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