Friday, June 9, 2017


I don't care if you never come home / I don't mind if you just keep on rowin' away on a distant sea, cos I don't love you and you don't love me

so I'm listening to KTYD and there's a big elephant in the room...the morning guy David Perry "resigned" yesterday and we're left to wonder why.. no explanation from Lin, his on-air partner for the last six years...just that David Perry moved on

I've been listening to KTYD since the's an institution, a landmark, an icon..and I heard the Doors 'Light My Fire', the long version on KTYD..FM radio...just perfect for us boomer kids!! I love the radio and you gotta be good to carry a station which I think David Perry did...I suffered through Hayseed and the Matt guy, but then KTYD got serious about the good music it helped promote on FM radio where censorship is not tolerated!! I love the radio and AM served its purpose little red transistor radio under my pillow and KIST played "For What It's Worth" and "The Beat Goes On" at night....that spooky guitar from the Buffalo Springfield was awesome but the prob with AM radio is I had to endure "Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love in my Tummy" too

ok so I guess KTYD was sold recently and I know all about change being good but not always...sometimes change can fuck up a good ocean view and maybe David's ocean view was upset by the new owner...or the new guy Dennis...alpha dogs fighting? Dennis is good and has some musical mojo no doubt I just don't wanna hear Wayne's World music all day..I don't want any brats on the radio

I saw Perry and wife at the Avocado Fest a few years ago...tall dude and he will be missed.. I know he helped keep KTYD at the top of the radio rating pile by concentrating on the music...he's a pro...good voice and kept things light and bright in the easy task

so KTYD has a duty to keep the airwaves rockin''s not about the DJ so much unless the DJ sucks...a bad DJ will make it all about him or her

David Perry made sure it was all about the music

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