Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Shot The Sheriff

but I didn't shoot the deputy

so how much force should a cop use to get a rowdy drunk driver to obey during a stop or arrest? as much force as needed...that's why cops have guns and batons and tazers..they are trained to use the applicable force...if you are a criminal, you may get shot...suck it up cupcake

Wendy used to hate the cops, now she loves them??

last week, the front page of the News-Press had Scott Steepleton all pro-cop?? not too long ago, Scott was defending hack journalist Peter Lance for his DUI bust and blasting the Santa Barbara police force for all sorts of fictional you don't see may objections from the News-Press to DUI arrests or any issues because today it is ok to like the cops...

and remember it was Wendy's pals who were getting busted for DUIs back when she hated cops...Scott, Peter Lance and DUI lawyer Darryl Genis were huddled together trying to blame the cops for arresting drunk drivers, and poor Pete was crying about being handcuffed!!!

I was always for the cops and could see thru the News-Press bullshit immedidately..Scott and Wendy defended Darryl Genis who ended up in jail for tax evasion!! haha! karma baby

but the front page story was about a fidgety pro-crime group holding a meeting at La Casa De La Raza about police use of force and they didn't invite any cops..being a cop is a noble job but it's tough dealing with so many loose cannons out there..they are paid with tax money to keep the peace and can retire at 50 with a good pension..I'm all for that and the News-Press has written extensively against giving the cops a good pension..

but politics have changed and cops are seen a heros by the conservatives, esp when they arrest black folks

but seriously, the News-Press, Wendy and Nipper, are anti-cop and tried to dismantle the Santa Barbara drunk driving team...they even had Mr Wimpy at the Honor Wendy event and Mr. Wimpy thinks drunk driving is no different than a mother fussing with kids in the car..Mr Wimpy is a big drinker..a drunk

so the cops are finally getting their due as the professionals they are and more power to far as I'm concerned, they can use any force necessary to get compliance from a drunk driver, a child molestor, a killer or other such crappy people they have to deal with...

may the force be with them

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