Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wild Wild Life

got some wild wild life

there's three animals that people fear..sharks and coyotes and yell 'barracuda' and people say "huh, "what" yell 'shark' and you got a panic on your hands

you yell 'poodle' and people get yell 'coyote' and people cry out in fear

you yell 'calamari' and peeps get the forks and wine yell 'SQUID" and the boats flood the waters with  really cool florescent green lights..

it's all psychological

and deer! what about deer?? I was driving down the hill and saw the mama and two kids in the road..they scampered around and took off for the ravine..aren't they cute..the little one would've made a good samwich!

now, KEYT had a story about sharks at Santa Claus beach..the pretty reporter Alyss looked awesome in the sand and sun and I don't think anyone has been killed by sharks in Carpinteria...maybe a seal or two but that's normal

KEYT also had a piece on dealing with sharks..they interviewed Hilary Hauser, the crazy and bizarre lady from Heal the Ocean....she says remove the seal rookery in Carp and no more sharks will threaten surfers at the Rincon...

that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard..typical ignorance and arrogance from a clueless busy-body...well what about Leadbetter beach in Santa Barbara? what's drawing sharks to that beach? anyway, most real surfers aren't afraid of sharks

Hilary may think she healed the ocean but she didn't..the ocean is just fine without her...the WASTEWATER PLANTS are the ones that have kept the ocean safe and clean by treating human waste using biology, hydraulics, chemisty, mechanics and other disciplines...the folks who work in these jobs don't need celebrity endorsements to raise money...they want salaries and benefits to help raise their families..they are professionals

Hilary Hauser is full of beans so her suggestion to get rid of the seal rookery should be met with scorn and ridicule..sharks belong in the ocean, people do not..but I've seen kayarkers, jetskiers, surfers, boating and fishing in the Carp waters and sharks are not interested in attacking and eating people like in JAWS...anytime you go into their habitat, your awareness level should be high..there's a difference between awareness and fear and both when properly used will keep you safe, not paranoid

wildlife is here and we need have a healthy respect for it

go away Hilary


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