Saturday, April 23, 2016

Keep On Running

Keep on running, keep on hiding / One fine day, I'm gonna be the one / To make you understand / Oh, yeah


I was in Santa Barbara yesterday to get some paint...Dunn-Edwards is a great paint store...being in there is almost therapeutic


I parked on a side street and was struck by the beauty of the mid-town Carrillo area...a cool old building towered over a not-so-cool building, but the shadows cast were of the warm morning sun..I stood there taking it in...I gazed across the street and saw the Arthur Murray Dance Studio...the building however concerned has an Islamic type dome on top indicating probable terrorist activity...then I caught myself in my Islamophobic moment...I felt ashamed

ok so I'm driving down some Santa Barbara road, narrowed from too many parked cars, and I see some women dancing by the Stop Sign...

about twenty gals pass in front of me as I watch.. and wait

this was one fine day

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