Wednesday, April 20, 2016


got to believe we are magic

hey where's our portion of State Water??? El Nino was a bust, April showers are a joke..what we need is a little magic


I was watching the SB City Council meeting and all the crazies came up during public comment...the City Council is not your mommy so stop crying about things they have no control over!!

wow, these folks who speak are way out dude wears a hat all the time and wants to be mayor in the year 2025...he tried to link the San Bernadino terror attack to the Egyptian style building at the corner of State and Mission...he's got some brain issues or fissures but I think if he wore a mesh hat he'd get some air into that puss-brain!! creepy dude!!

the city council was also talking about another Fess Parker hotel and I thought I heard them say they wanted to change the name of Cabrillo Blvd to Fess Parker Way....I hope I'm wrong but maybe Wendy wants to change State St to Ronald Reagan St?? turn right at Fess Parker Way and head up Ronald Reagan St...ugh!! Santa Barbara must never lose her Spanish influence to rich white conservatives..or Davy Crockett

the good thing about Donald Trump is he's keeping Ted Cruz away from the White House..I don't want another Texas conservative selling God to me every five minutes while picking my pocket!! too many religious cults in America

now I see an ad for the Urban Wine Trail..this is the drunk's version of a recreational hike...but it seems the Carrillo Rec Center was the site of a party to celebrate art and wine..and it's all presented by Mission Linen Supply who keep all the city worker uniforms clean....a bunch of artists (trust funders) showed their pictures and a bunch of wineries had tastings....former City Parks gal Nancy Rapp who looks like she knows her way around bottle of wine is involved as is the City Parks Dept!!

Jill?? are you ok with this.....using the Carrillo Rec Center for wine tastings?? that great old brownstone building normally used for healthy recreation and exercise is being used to ply some well-heeled phonies with more wine than they need?? you need to put your foot down!!

the City of Santa Barbara promoting a wine tasting event...what next, medical marijuana for sale at City Hall?

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