Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Crystal Ship

before you slip into unconsciousness

I've lived on a few ranches and we never had an outbreak of norovirus...we had horses, dogs, cats, rats, birds, endangered species and white people and even some Mexicans..but no diseases spreading like wildfire thru the cabins..

so the Alisol Ranch in Solvang has had problems lately with norovirus breakouts...I think it's the cruise ships bringing in these people....these white people who are already infected come ashore and get bussed to the Casino or the Alisol Ranch and spread their diseases everywhere...yuck!!


Solvang is a Danish community and Danish gals are generally very clean from the tips of their heads down to their tippy toes...blonde and clean... gimme a Danish...YUMMY!!

now if the Alisol ranch employed a celebrity chef, maybe things would be different..maybe Cat Cora but Cat seems busy these days as she and her ex are duking it out per a judges's tentative ruling: Cat’s contention that there is "sensitive commercial information" that should be protected is rejected; the Court does not ignore Cat’s point that she is a "celebrity chef;" her claim that because dissemination of the commercial information could harm her, Jennifer’s refusal to enter into a protective order must prove that Jennifer has malicious intent does not follow; if any sensitive commercial information is improperly used, Cat has her remedies. With this said, the Court will not change its ruling with an argument that the "horse has then been let out of the barn." This decision requires a balancing process; the Court sees far more likelihood of contentious litigation over an alleged "Protective Order" violation than disclosure of sensitive commercial confidential information. Indeed, Jennifer would have no logical reason to disseminate such information because it would only hurt her own interests.

all people really need sometimes is a nice hot bowl of clam chowder..

when did that become so complicated???

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