Friday, April 8, 2016


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ok so ever since I reported on the Santa Claus Lane beach access issue, everyone jumped on the band wagon

the county's plans are not a done deal but I don't want to see fences blocking off the beach from the Lane...

people love this beach for its natural beauty...I shudder to think it may look like Hendry's.. once a nice beach but now too many dogs and people ...not really a beach all the drunks and fights that spring from Hendry's now...

the Coastal View had a little story about the SCL beach access and they mentioned one County guy, one planner named Allen Bell who really ticked me off...he's the one pushing for a single- point access to the beach and claims presently it's a disaster waiting to happen..."If you've been down there on a busy spring or summer day, it's terrible"


WTF is he talking about?? there is nothing "terrible" about Santa Claus Lane beach!!! a busy summer day or holiday at Santa Claus beach is awesome...bright beach umbrellas, kids playing in the sand, cars, surfers, dolphins and best of all, pretty women in bikinis!! this jackass Allen Bell is full of crap!!

a single point access is like we'd be passing into Nazi Germany!!

this beach is not a disaster waiting to happen..there has been one accident in all the years I've been here...the unleashed dog and the dumbass owner who tried to save it..both were killed by the train because they had no common sense...

there is no reason to fear the trains!!

but I would support a dog-free beach here and how long does this idiot Bell think a fence will last??

and parking is not an many places can you just pull over and jump out, run across the ice plant and tracks and hang out at the beach with virtually nothing but mountains and ocean to sooth's a trip back to the 1950s and 1960s and Disney Girls....and Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon....and Charlie Manson

and rural beaches..and the Big Yellow House...and hot dogs and Pepsi

and not one wine tasting room!!

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Anonymous said...

Sound the alarm at the EDC. There must be a CEQA issue with the county plan! A fence would most certainly encroach on some bug, worm, rodent or even a human thereby creating a negative impact. And what about the presumptive easements that have been created over the years? And, where is the Coastal Commission and their open mantra of open access to the beach?