Sunday, April 24, 2016

When Doves Cry

Dig if you will, the picture Of you and I engaged in a kiss The sweat of your body covers me Can you my darling, can you picture this?

So the Paula Lopez Story makes me cry...when people drink too much booze they do get rambunctious and start doing things maybe they wouldn't ordinarily harass and threaten women, or drive down the highway southbound in the northbound lane! or take swing or kick at a cop...geez Paula you make me feel all weird inside.. but you get some jail time and some counseling...once we become more aware of bad behavior, we can change it..well I can't but I know you can!

the News-Press covered the story on Saturday and said Paula was sentenced in Judge Anderle's Santa Maria courtroom...but Anderle is doling out justice in Santa Barbara, not Santa Maria

Judge Rigali is based in Santa Maria and it appears per the Superior Court calendar Wendy will be going to trial for killing that jogger..well Wendy didn't kill him...actually, Ampersand is being blamed for one of their paper delivery gals running over and killing a jogger in Santa Ynez...Wendy has been shirking her responsibilites forever well maybe now they will hold her accountable

05/09/2016 9:30 AM 1483950 Ampersand Publishing, LLC Rigali, James F SM Dept 2 1) Jury Trial 23-PI/PD/WD Tort - Other - Civil

now I see that SB Schools superintendent David Cash retired recently..never did like the drug-sniffing dog idea in public schools...teach kids about drugs and the dangers in class...and Cash brought alot of baggage from Fresno down to Santa Barbara as well as some weird teacher associates...

but there's a lawsuit involving a David Cash regarding civil rights.......

05/13/2016 8:30 AM 16CV00155 Cash, David Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Civil Rights (08)

not sure if it's the same guy...or maybe the dogs violated a student's civil rights??

I guess I'll find out sooner or later...probably later

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