Friday, April 29, 2016

My Little Corner of the World

Come along with me, To my little corner of the world, And dream a little dream, In my little corner of the world

The News-Press had some front page stories. One was about the San Bernadino terrorists and the sham marriage they had...but since the murderous rage, other Americans have gone on a rage, too...Ohio family murders/executions, two U of VA students kidnapped and killed a 13-year old girl, some dude killed the Han family in Santa do you feel safe in your little corner of the world??

Wendy invited Oliver North, famous for the Iran/Contra affair with Ronald Reagan, to the Ron Reagan Roundtable Luncheon last month..the event sold out (200 people).. I read about this in the Montecito Journal  by some old gal who has a book out called The Magic Makeover: Tricks for Looking Younger, Thinner and More Confident...sounds like something Dr. Laura would write!

but the old gal had nothing but praise for Ollie stating that he rescued 800 students from Grenada, the tiny little island south of the border that Reagan invaded...

Ollie has some ideas about fighting Islamic terror, too

now today the front page of the News-Press had a complaint about Will Ferrel, the SNL actor/ seems that Will is going to do a film/satire of Ronald Reagan and the Young Miss America Foundation (Wendy's personal non-profit) is mad..the YMAF gals panties are in a bunch....I wouldn't mind examining them panties

but they claim Will will be mocking Reagan's Alz Disease which is nonsense...Reagan was always a confused guy, couldn't speak coherently without a script and the conservatives loved him because of the phony cowboy personna...Reagan was a lousy actor, a mediocre politician, allowed the killing of 200 American troops in Beirut and traded arms for hostages with Iran...with Ollie North as the gopher


fact is the Reagan presidency was smoke and the Young Miss America Foundation, like the News-Press, like Wendy and Nipper...

and the YMAF are acting like Islamic extemists who kill you when you mock Allah...Ronald Reagan is not Allah, girls and boys

but Will, you can use anything in this blog for your movie for a flat fee of $100000...

call me

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