Saturday, February 25, 2017

All The Young Dudes

Carry the news, Bugaloo dudes


I've been watching the Young Miss America Foundation/ Wendy McCuckoo luncheons for awhile now and they always bring in some rightwing extremist to preach to the choir...last week Oliver North (ARMS FOR HOSTAGES) and mostly they have FOX NEWS hosts come in...when she was on FOX, Gretchen Carlson spoke at the luncheon but didn't mention the sexual harrassment issues at the station

Wendy likes the guys at Breitbart...Andy Breitbart is dead of course after the luncheon at Montecito Country Club six years ago, he dropped dead while walking his dog...but filling the void were guys like Steve Bannon, Ben Shapiro and Milos Yanninpolous...these fellows are pure whack jobs and you need only listen to them to see it's true...the problem with these guys is they'll say anything to push the rightwing agenda which is basically less gov't and more religion adn don't forget THE MUSLIMS ARE TRYING TO ENFORCE SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA...but they are buffoons kept in the spotlight by the likes of Wendy and Rupert Murdoch..

Priscilla tried to ban me from taking a pic at the Breitbart luncheon!!

now this Milo character was praised by General Micheal Flynn, Trump's pick for National Security Advisor, who eventually resigned after a tough month in office...
web: A man who lead the charge in online trolling against women and people of color was praised on Tuesday by Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, President-Elect Donald Trump's pick for national security advisor.

Flynn called Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos—a leading voice in the anti-feminism Gamergate and white nationalist alt-right online movements—a "phenomenal individual" at a conference for young conservatives held at Trump's hotel in Washington, D.C.

then a video was found of Milos..obviously, the guy is mentally ill, but he speaks of his fondness for pedophiles...he approves of sex between men and boys which I guess makes him a good Catholic..maybe Flynn had a crush on Milos

of course Milos had to resign his position at Brietbart, the online conservative fake news outlet...Steve Bannon of Breitart works for Trump as a top advisor..Trump is poor judge of character!!

so the Young Miss America Foundation has been sponsoring the talks by these Breitbart brats on college campuses and some colleges are not allowing them to speak...what college would allow the KKK to speak? I mean how stupid do you have to be to sit there and listen to some paranoid dumbshit white guy spread fear about other cultures??

the college has every right not to allow certain groups to speak so this is not a free speech issue...

it's free will issue...

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