Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Last Time

maybe the last time, I don't know

Pete with Russian chick!

ok so Peter Lance is investigating Donald Trump now...what?? he went all liberal to get away from the News-Press and Darryl Genis stench?? it makes perfect sense because forever young Pete is into all these spy conspiracy theories that he tried to use on the Santa Barbara Police Dept..but he failed and now ex SB police chief Cam Sanchez is sitting in a park in Monterey and getting paid a King's ransom!! maybe Pete just has a guilty conscience

and does Trump still think he's on The Apprentice?? makes bad appointments like Flynn who already has resigned...Flynn is a nutjob who with his son spread false stories about Hillary CLinton and child trafficking...Flynn is a total scumbag! WENDY HAD CHILD PORN ON HER NEWSPRESS COMPUTER!!!!! still waiting for justice

speaking of scumbags, the News-Press had a little blurb on page 3 about Darry Genis, shamed DUI lawyer...usually Scotty has Darryl on the front page..the last time, Scott and Darryl blamed Darryl's dead accountant for Darryl's tax issues..but now with the other media on the story, we learn that Darryl has a gambling problem.too...geez..this dude's got more issues than the News-Press!

Darryl and Scott in tender moment

the problem with Team Wendy is they are all addicted to something..alcohol, gambling, child porn..

I can't believe some local businesses and people still support Wendy and the News-Press....Wendy and Trump will "Make America Stupid Again"..I firmly believe that

ok so Ty Warner and Darryl Genis are the two famous local tax cheats..Ty is a billionaire and the golf course is looking pretty good, but he got praised by the judge for being a tax cheat while poor ol' Darryl gets two fucking years in prison..Darryl, if you invent something like a Beanie Baby in the pokey, the rest of your life will be easier...

a Beanie Dog Baby!! you'll be a hero Darryl

I guarantee it

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