Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hesitation Blues

I woke up this morning just 'bout half past four Hesitation blues was knocking on my door

ok so we are getting lots of glorious surf and  rain and Spring should be blooming like never before...every dormant flower whether native or non-native will grow and bless the hillsides with color and love..but now that the rains have come and Cachuma is filling, what about the desal plant which the city of SB keeps throwing money at? back in the 1980s the people voted for desal and state water so the City of SB was stuck with the will of the people...very expensive proposition...but they should keep it and maintain it for future droughts and not part it out again

when things get tough in Washington DC, President Trump flies off to Florida to do one of his info-mercials..he calls it a rally but it's a staged event where he tries to sell his agenda AGAIN to the American people..the event is stacked with supporters...he's only been president since January!!

I saw Salud Carbajal at the Albertson's in Carp..apparently fed up with politics he's looking for a job as a union meat-cutter

President Donald Trump's assessment of the media as "the enemy of the American people," is cuckoo...Donald has has too many yesman and women around him and he can't deal with criticism (like Wendy) and especially he can't deal with a free press....FREEDOM OF THE PRESS is guaranteed in the Constitution so he won't have any luck trying to out-talk the reporters or shut them down like Wendy tried...they will continue to do their jobs...

and when Donald says FOX NEWS morning show is the only credible media outlet remaining, then you know he's not only a narcissist but he's delusional too..keeps crowing about 'fake news' but fabricates events to support his MUSLIM ban... I think Pence and the Donald should change places..

so I see that a Kyle Eastwood bought house in Montecito for about 2 million...Kyle is Clint's kid and a jazz is over where I used to hang out with friends as a kid...garage bands and Suzuki trail's a cool area and close to the legendary Mountain Drive!!!

I had a dream last night about a teller at the bank..she wanted to have sex with me and you know what I told her?

go ahead..make my day!!

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