Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Once In A Lifetime

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

well that makes sense! I see that ex SB police chief Cam Sanchez ended up in Monterey, overseeing the Parks system..interesting move..all CAm will need to worry about is an occasional rowdy squirrel instead of a crazy newspaper'll recall that Wendy McCuckoo of the News-Press had a vendetta against Cam since his dept busted Wendy's pals for DUI...instead of praising the cops, Wendy tried to ruin their careers printing stories by hacks like Peter Lance  with alternative facts provided by Wendy's city editor/sycophant Scott Steepleton..the News-Press, Wendy and Nipper tried to legitimize drunk driving until the Lois Capps' caper when her boy Raymond Morua killed Mallory Dies in a DUI..then all of a sudden, the News-Press for political reasons became all anti-DUI..but don't you believe it....Wendy is a weasel!

Monterey is a great place, tons of history and gorgeous vistas..I had opportunities to work up there and in Santa Cruz but was content to visit..load the bike in the truck and spend a few days in Pacific Grove and come back thru Carmel and Big Sur

I just love the area so good for Cam...not sure what the parks problem is but it can't be worse than Santa Barbara can it?

I hope the Monterey folks aren't gonna go all native and start messing up the parks as they are beautiful and rustic....Santa Barbara, with the recent storm, has returned to the rustic parks I love..the Bird Refuge is full to the brim after Jill removed the sluice gate as I the refuge gets a tidal flush from the little ocean creek...I was over there checking it out and it looks fantabulous!! Jill I'll figure out some ways you can thank me (hehehe)

went up to Cold Springs trail and the rain water is breaching the road so we're getting some good rain in the back country..for some reason, KEYT keeps reporting we're still in a serious drought and they cite the lake levels...well, that's not the measure of a drought, rainfall is..and the lakes are rising plus the KEYT folks don't take into account the groundwater basin recharging..there's water flowing underground you know..there's water under the water and rocks and stones...

now CJ Ward, dull-faced anchor for KEYT, reported that Trump's recent invasion of Yemen to kill terrorists resulted in the death of a Navy Seal but he didn't mention the death of the 8-year old American girl..

and that's because KEYT is owned by the other News-Press and Gazette from the bible belt and that company endorsed Trump!!!

same as it ever was

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