Saturday, February 11, 2017

Who'll Stop The Rain

long as I remember, rain been coming down

well, I love the rain, the high surf and driving through the streams that breach the roads- SPLASH!! and I hear the choir of bullfrogs...I am out looking for them...tonight will show a rare sight: the full snow moon, the lunar eclipse and the green-tailed Comet 45P will grace the skies but if it's still raining, I won't see them..


geez Alan Thicke getting sued and he just died a few weeks ago...

02/14/2017 8:30 AM 16CV04664 Alan Thicke Living Trust * Anderle, Thomas P SB Dept 3 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Wrongful Termination (36)

there's nothing better than a healthy, pretty 37 year old woman (except maybe a 19 year old) but a 37 year old woman eager to have sex with cut off point is 69 years old then what's the point??

but my heart sinks as I read the story in Noozhawk about the havoc created by an alleged drunk driver..crashed his car and killed two female passengers up in Orcutt...girls PLEASE don't get into a car with a drunk driver..actually NOBODY GET INTO A CAR WITH A DRUNK DRIVER!!!

so the gals are was a pretty blonde 37 year old who could have given some meaning to any dude's life and now she's dead because she hung out with the wrong dude..the drunk dude...

it's just so sad and so easily avoided...the destruction from alcohol is everywhere as the media praises all these pop-up craft breweries....maybe President Trump should focus on drunk driving..

makes me fucking sick all  the alcohol and blood running thru the streets

clouds of mystery falling, confusion on the ground

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Anonymous said...

And speaking of immigration...I'll bet that the News-Mess's five loyal readers don't know that since the "paper" can't find any local employees due to its bad rep, they had to search from sea to shining sea to find a freelance copy editor. Their only taker was a Ukrainian immigrant who resides in Hawaii. Yep, you heard that right. The paper is partially being edited by an Eastern European immigrant who lives in Hawaii. It would be even funnier if the Mess "forgot" to check his papers and they were employing an "illegal immigrant." Oh wait. Almost forgot. Only Latinos can be "illegal immigrants." The rest are "visitors" who are waiting for immigration officials to straighten out the "mix up" with their papers. I wonder if that's what Melania told Donald?