Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ghost Riders In The Sky

Yippie yi Ohhhhh
Yippie yi yaaaaay
Ghost Riders in the sky

now why would I want to hang out with a bunch of stuck-up actors?? the SBIFF is off and running and actors are being awarded for their performances some deserved and some i went in to Santa Barbara but not to look for an actress to act out my sex fantasies on, but to take advantage of the MACY's sale..Macy's at Paseo Nuevo is closing after a very long run..too bad always like the store but the bargains are fantastic and I got some cool stuff

now when I talk movie stars, I'm talking about folks who were artists..they did it all...once such guy was Burl Ives...I've been a fan of Burl forever...the brash Big Daddy in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" and his pop music hits...but he was a folksinger too and just check this out on youtube....the original 1949 recording of 'Ghost Riders In The Sky'..yup, he wrote it! it's just stunning

when I was down and out as a kid, I snagged a paper route in Montecito from a guy...he taught me how to deliver the News-Press (before Wendy)...get the papers, wrap them up, load them into the car and throw 'em at the subscribers....I had an old blue VW bug with no passenger seat and that was perfect..the car was full of papers, plastic wraps and rubber bands...after a few weeks and many customer complaints (were's my fucking paper???), I quit.

but my route had some interesting people on it and Burl Ives was one of them..he lived at the bottom of Buena Vista by Birnam Wood Country Club...guitarman Joe Walsh was up on Park Lane in a nice little ranch style house...I made sure those guys got their papers cos I was a fan...the other folks I didn't really give a shit where their paper ended up...

I got my eye on an old Gretsch guitar, Burl Ives model from the 1940s and I gotta have it.....

it'll be a tribute to a real legend...a real artist..the great Burl Ives

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