Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Banana Boat Song

DAY-OHH...DAY-AY-OHH...daylight come and me wanna go home...come Mr. Tally Man tally me banana

so America looks like a Banana Republic now...Banana Republicans are running the show and I'm aghast at Trump's incompetence...first crazy General Flynn (Dr. Strangelove) and now Andrew "the Putz" Puzder goes down! Trump can't even vette his own adminsitration picks how's he gonna vette bad Muslims??

Kelly Anne Conway is a total mess and doesn't know WTF she's talking about..but she wears stylish boots from the Ivanka Trump Collection!

Puzder's ex-wife, Howard Stern!

but what really surprised me is the Putz dropped out after an old Oprah tape of his ex-wife claiming domestic violence..

I saw that tape and was shocked to learn that Andy was married...

to Howard Stern!!

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