Monday, July 24, 2017

Baby Driver

I wonder how your engines feel...

the fog was pernicious..the fog is pernicious..last night it was cold and pernicious..Mark Twain once said the coldest winter he ever spent was summer in San Francisco..well, Mark Twain never visited Carpinteria

to escape the fog, I used to hang out on Mountain Drive so I drove up there and was greeted by the warm sun and hippie vibes..lots of construction and houses for it up here but with the fires, buying is a gamble..but still, no place like it


so I drive on past Cold Springs Trail and see some cars and cops in the middle of the road, by Hot Springs Road...I get closer and see a Porsche and a big Chevy Pick-Up crashed into each other..I can't understand this..there's no traffic up here and yet these folks crash into each other

no injuries, the Chevy looks ok..but the Porsche front end is smashed..the car looks to be upscale, maybe over $80,000!

for rich, pernicious people

a bad investment if you don't know how to drive

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