Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tangled Up In Blue

she was married when we first met, soon to be divorced

you can tell it's the 4th of July with all the white folks coming to town...they are in Carp and SB and they walk down the street..they got white legs and tatoos and one of the gals is always pregnant and it's disgusting, the family thing

then there's the older couple pushing a baby stroller except there's no baby in the stoller, there's a dog! a fucking dog!! if Charlie Manson could have forced a race war, the blacks would've won

then there's the speed boat crashing into Stearn's Wharf...who crashes a speedboat into Stearn's Wharf? white people

foxtails, you hate 'em..I hate 'em too..they stick in my socks and boots when I hike and are a pain to deal with..they are the one weed I want the gov't to get rid of plus they can kill your dog..biodiversity is where it's at

anyway, from one dog to another ...HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

I guess

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