Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pretty Vacant

There's no point in asking / You'll get no reply

another high ranking Vatican cardinal accused of sexual abuse of children..geez, maybe Trump ought to extend the travel ban to Italy! you know, to keep American kids safe


ok so I know now why Wendy and Nipper got honored with a Patriot's all because of Mr.Wimpy!! the whole fiasco was his idea as the truth unfolded on his public TV show...he had Nipper as a guest...I watched in horror as Mr. Wimpy crawled up Nipper's ass and they both glowed about Wendy and her love of Santa Barbara and all she gives and how much Nipper loves her and what a brilliant lady she is and what a great speaker she is...well, luckily, they showed some low quality video of the event which was held at the La Cumbre Cuntry Club...Nipper says Wendy will come out of her shell only when she's comfortable and trusts people which is not exactly a good trait for a the real world, you live by your wits, not on your rich ex-husband's money....but this is Wendy McCuckoo

they had some speakers like Mike Stoker..poor Mike, former county supervisor now a Wendy with Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation!! and Nipper spoke about how honored he was to have Wendy as his girlfriend...he looks over at her from the podium and says "I love YOU!" and Wendy's face is totally blank

and finally we get to see Wendy speak..I was expecting a great fiery speech but no... she stammered and spoke in a weird monotone drone-type voice that gave me a chill..a bad chill

this chick is DOA

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