Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sympathy For the Devil

please allow me to introduce myself


Nativists plan to shut down Coronado Butterfly Preserve in Goleta to chop down all most of the eucalyptus trees so I read in Noozhawk...the Goleta city staff says the trees are dead and dying and infested with pests due to the drought....the staff is concerned with public safety and will plant native trees...they say the monarch butterflies are not using the eucalyptus grove anymore..

ok lots of red flags here...this is common native-speak and the real reason for the panic is to go native..nativism..biodiversity..get rid of the non-natives and it's all BULLSHIT!!!


a tree being called non-native is no reason to destroy the butterfly habitat...I've surveyed many blue gums on the Carp Bluffs and they look healthy..I know the City of Carp is just itching to get rid of them, these devil trees, but they fare better than the natives as do the Tamarisk trees...

so GOLETA...WAKE UP..this is an effort to get rid of non-native eucs in favor of natives under the guise of "safety" many people have been killed at the Coronado Preserve from a eucalyptus tree? NONE!! these people are using FEAR to get rid of the blue gums

I knew one day these native idiots would find an excuse to kill the eucs and now that day has arrived

remember, Hitler was a nativist..all those animals on the Channel Islands were killed by nativists

it will be a crime against Nature if the City of Goleta planners gets away with this Blitzkrieg travesty

goddamn Nazis

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