Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Elusive Butterfly

you might wake up one morning to the sound of something moving past your window in the wind


the KTYD morning show is now almost unlistenable...ugh!! talk less and play good music and get out of the hard can that be??

the firefighters are moving up and down the highway and taking care of business up north...remember the News-Press is anti-union/anti-public worker and doesn't believe the first responders/firefighters should have pensions and benefits!!

now Wendy's chief anti-gov't suck-up Scott Steepleton over at the News-Press is knee deep in 'targate'...he's been doing the same bogus front page story about Greka Oil and its successor HVI who've tried to pin those chronic oil leaks a few years ago on the State of California..the case is nicknamed Targate and highlights how crazy the judicial system is..they used three retired judges, one who thinks the case is worse than Watergate..WATERGATE!!!

then they hand everything over to a magistrate, then appeals happen and....allegedly, the state mishandled some evidence or emails and some flunky judge over-reacted, called the sitch worse that Watergate and said the state should pay fees million the oil company lawyers!!

but California is having none of it and now Scott keeps this convoluted story front and center digging a deeper hole...this guy is a total hack as Greka continues to try and dodge responsibilty for all those oil spills and the conservatives keep spinning and all because of Brooks Firestone who leases the land to the oil people!

this is the dumbest story the News-Press has ever done!!

I went thru Montecito and don't recognize Coast Village Road..they sold it out to developers..all the mojo is all gone

so to deal with these things, I went for a hike and came across a nice butterfly...after some research, I found it is a Lorquin's Admiral

don't be concerned, it will not harm you

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