Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Obsession

I think I blew it now, confession

look, Trump hates the "fake"media because they exposed his fake fraud university, Trump University and busted him for his "grab their pussies" comment....hence, Trump's obssession

my obsession is multi-colored

[oh and another thing..Trump's got a "voter fraud" probe going because Hillary won the popular vote..the News-Press "reported" that California is not complying with the probe..what the News-Press didn't report is so far more than 20 states are not complying...the probe is just a nonsensical waste of tax money]

so I haven't seen the osprey at the marsh in the last few days...usually, they catch fish and eat them on a log in the middle of the marsh...then I see where the Ojai Raptor Center (donation check is in the mail for this excellent nonprofit) rescued an osprey from Santa Monica or Franklin creek...the creeks are both close to the marsh....the osprey snared a big three-pronged hook/lure in its bloody it can't catch prey and it can't eat without fully functioning legs/talons

so probably it's one of the birds from the did that happen I wonder..did some fisherman at Carp beach by the marsh hook the bird and/or cut the line, leaving the injured bird to fly off and crash in the creek?

the bigger question is when shore fishing why do they need a big three-pronged treble hook..are they trying to catch a fucking whale?? is cutting lines a common practice?? it is idiotic...

I hope the osprey heals ok but I bet he'll never come back to the marsh..I get to look with my binocs at some idiot fishing with a 3-pronged hook, but I don't get to see the osprey soar above me anymore

that doesn't seem right

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