Sunday, July 16, 2017

C'est Si Bon

C'est si bon / Lovers say that in France / When they thrill to romance / It means that it's so good

with Trump embarrassing America on his recent trip to France with his groping and grabbing and doltish behavior, I rushed over to the French Festival in wonderful Oak Park to apologize to my Parisian friends...


non je ne regrette rien and all is forgiven

and what is with this Trump chicken-shit dodging the press on TV?? now press conferences are done with no cameras!! so much for transparency

it's French Festival weekend and I always love going Saturday morning for an hour or so...listen to some baroque or jazz, drink cafe au lait and get some baguettes...

and a French woman to tickle my fancy would be nice.. ie a French Tickler..French gals have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' so I ask this Parisian chick what is it that French women possess? and you know what she says to me? she says "je ne sais quoi"

ok..well the weather is weird due to the all the fires in the hills.. I remember years ago they used to do controlled burns in the back country and I loved the way it smelled... nowadays they wait for a big fire to burn what should have been burned in a control burn!! still the ground crews and air crews are pretty awesome..those pilots are tres bien!!

the Baron

hey there's Baron Ron Heron, the local radio legend....KACY- THE BOSS OF THE BEACH and later in those days was pretty cool and now he works for Wendy at AM 1290...I guess everyman needs his bread and butter... or du pain et du beurre

so I watch the French festival folks and disappear myself into the French culture for awhile..

tout suite

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