Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Big Ol' Jet Airliner

don't carry me too far away

ok so the KTYD morning show is getting a little bit better but is still slightly annoying..the lady with the booze/cigarette/ old lady voice and the chirpy new guy....

but the thing that really bothers me is the censorship of certain songs..."Big Ol' Jet Airliner" with this line "That I don't want to get caught up in any of that, Funky shit goin' down in the city" they blotted out the word "shit"

here's the song as the writer, Steve Miller, intended!!

and on Pink Floyd's "Money" they blot out the word "bullshit"....

but when the Who sings "who the fuck are you on "Who Are You?" that's ok..."fuck" is ok

you know what I think??

I think that is fucking bullshit

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