Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Caroline No

where is the girl I used to know....

a girl once told me that the Santa Barbara waterfront looks seedy, or dirty...I looked up from my computer this morning, glanced out the window and recalled my stint on Cannery Row... the skies were gray again..the weather affects the if you look at Santa Barbara in the gray overcast, the buildings look dirty, the people look ghostly and since we've had no rain for five years, nothing gets washed away..not the dirt, not the sins

ok so I had to get some new tires for my truck...I got a flat last week just as I exited at the Bird Refuge and BOOM BOOM!!! rolled very loudly into Dal Pozzo's and they found a big hole from a spike in the tire...on the way some chick started screaming at me around Tri County Produce "you've got a flat tire, you've got a flat tire!!" yeah, I know

anyway I'm back today to get a whole set of'll take about an hour so I brought my bike and went to check out the waterfront to see if maybe that chick was tripping on some Australian Gold...

saw a really cool Royal Enfield motorcycle but there have been some changes to the SB waterfront...the state of destruction/development is constant..where is the Santa Barbara I used to know??

the State Street main artery has been severed so I don't know if I'm in Santa Barbara or Mumbai or Santa Monica...the Funk Zone is a maze of alcohol establishments and trendy could go round in circles here for hours and not see anything..

the Fiesta Parade may look like an illegal alien invasion to the confused conservatives and the drunks in the Funk Zone could panic and fall off their bar stools

the Reagan Ranch Center owned by Wendy McCuckoo is a shrine to a dead president and a lost political party....basically, it's a's death for the has no heart

and the new bridge by Cabrillo Blvd is over-engineered and has no real Santa Barbara stamp on it...looks like a bunker bomb hit the site...the homeless look at home, finally
the skate park should never have been built..

the carousel is out of place and unwelcoming...go to Monterey to see a real old timey carousel and arcade...when you're in Monterey, you know you are in Monterey

yes it's true somebody fucked with the Santa Barbara waterfront...for the high-dollar tourist's so sad to watch a sweet thing die, Oh Caroline No

but you can still get a a good burger at Sambo's!

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