Monday, August 29, 2016

Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine

She hides in an attic concealed on a shelf, behind volumes of literature based on herself

the Santa Barbara Public Library is not a zoo, it's a library...and a fantastic one.. I spent many hours there pouring over volumes of literature and old psychology books until the internet hit and the homeless took I haven't been in a while...but I'll always support it because it's fun going up and down the aisles looking for cool books

then I see we're in 2016 all things are suspect...and I hear about a program, a nonprofit that brings dogs to the library so kids can read to them..apparently some kids are afraid of reading aloud in front of teachers or peers (we all were) so instead of teaching them the skills needed to succeed in the people world, ARF wants kids to read to dogs and develop a conditioned response whereby they only can read in class if the dog is there!!

and the nonprofit ARF wants donations of course...

well what happens to kids who have trouble with math? do they do algebra problems with dogs?

kid: Fido, how do I solve for X?

Fido: wuff wuff

but what happens if a kid is reading a book to a dog and the dog craps right there in the library?? or a little girl reads a fairy tail to a dog and the dog starts licking his balls? or what if a dog starts convulsing from a drug overdose?? or humps a little kid's leg??

and for three days, the News-Press has had these dog porn images on the front page...DISGUSTING what this old dude is trying to do to that weird-ass dog!!

News-Press peddles DOG SMUT???

I don't know about this but it appears these crazy dog women are at it again...

but then I see this hot blonde is the founder of the program ARF ...ARF....she's a serious dog and animal nut but then I see this in the Independent about dogs on the beach..she's very much against that...

dogs in the library ok..dogs at the beach not ok?

not so sweet

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