Thursday, September 1, 2016


that's how elementary it's gonna be

getting to the bottom of things is hard sometimes because there's a layer of muck you need to wade thru..but that's ok I got my waders from LL Bean..

is Carp school board afraid of "white flight"?

school boards are charged with educating kids not pushing rightwing agendas on them...there's some rumbling about the Carp Unified School Dist and the school board and the new school superintendent Micheline Miglis ...the school board fired her after giving $12000 to a consultant to hire her last year...consultants have the easiest jobs in the world

Micheline had some controversy in her a last job but not enough to fire her from the Carp job

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The day before classes started, Carpinteria Unified School District Superintendent Micheline Miglis abruptly left the district on

Carpinteria School District, Superintendent Agree to Part ...

now I don't know Micheline but there was a good story in Noozhawk from Jan 2016 and she seems smart and a good fit for Carpinteria, but she wanted to start a dual immersion English/Spanish in kindergarten and 1st grade...and that may be where she offended the Board...

I've heard rumors that there's some racism in Carp, esp among school board members and some parents... is the school board concerned about white flight??? and the conservatives don't want kids speaking Spanish...but it is essential to teach kids early the wonder of being bilingual...that's what teachers do...some of the parents want their kids to be as ignorant as they are..

here's the letter to the Carp Community..notice they spelled "vision" wrong!

A Letter to the Community

From the Carpinteria Unified School District

Board of Trustees

The Board would like to acknowledge the passionate input that we have received regarding this matter. It is evident that we have a community of students, faculty, parents, and neighbors that care deeply about our schools and want the best.

While it may be very frustrating for all to not know the details of this immediate and sudden change, matters such as this that deal with the circumstances of employees is confidential and just like we would respect the confidentiality of any student, faculty, or parent matter, this situation is equally protected. The Board will not share the details that led to this outcome with the public as we continue to follow the law.

We are fully confident that our Administrative staff both at the site level and district office will continue to provide high quality support and continue to lead our district towards the vison of excellence. We must all agree that in the best interest of our students, this matter should stay at the adult level and not spill into the learning environment for our students. Only those in the classrooms have that power and we have confidence that they will act and speak responsibly.

In the end, only the five Board members and Ms. Miglis know the true details of this matter and it will remain that way on our part. Speculating or making assumptions about personal agendas or malice intent does not make this situation any easier but only encourages fear, anger, and attacks. Just as we ask for our children to solve conflict rationally and productively, we as adults must also set this example and work out our differences as professionally as we can and in a manner that allows for respect and civility.

In closing, we realize that this will take some adjustment as the new school year is beginning. We hope that in time the emotions of the loss felt now will turn back to excitement for learning, teaching, and grooming the future of Carpinteria citizenry. Thank you.

grooming the future citizenry of Carp???? hmmm

no way...there's still too many questions to just let it go at that..and they enlisted former SBUSD supe Brian Sarvis to fill in for Micheline!! Sarvis messed up his last job in Santa Barbara so bad he should not be anywhere near kids!!

there is something fishy going on with the Carpinteria School Board.. I know a few folks are bordeline teabaggers, one lists an affiliation with a defunct nonprofit; and one guy owns a Carp construction company and used to work for the Newport Beach Country Club (golf and white guys)

wow!! it is time to investigate the Board Of Trustees of the Carp Unified School District

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