Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Light My Fire

you know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher....c'mon baby light my fire

Bizarre KEYT Story Claims Carpinteria Greenhouses Are Growing Pot Now!!

ok... I'm watching KEYT and Beth says she has a story about pot fumes coming from Carpinteria...specifically the area around Cravens Lane which is a hop, skip and a jump from where I live...the reporter was the lovely Alys Martinez and she claims neighbors are complaining about pot odors and fear the greenhouses have switched from growing pretty flowers for the Rose Bowl to growing marijuana for the spoiled celeb brats that have moved to Padaro Lane recently...

and Alys says people claim that the odors are affecting the high school which is about a mile or so from Cravens..

well, I bike this area all the time, up Cravens and down 192 for some exercise and to clear my head from all this nonsense...I have never smelled any pot around here, ever...

and blondie Kelly Hoover (like the vacuum cleaner) at the sheriff's office sent some cops over to Cravens but the cops didn't find anything wrong because there is nothing wrong

and of course I've told you of the ranches up time with Olive Carey and John Wayne and Playboy centerfold Kym Herrin....Ranch Monte Alegre and the Young Ranch-both sold since I lived there...those were the days of wine and roses..harvest moons and warm windy nights..coyotes singing in the hills and skunks foraging in the night..those were some good times

but the premise of the KEYT story is absurd...the greenhouse growers switched to growing marijuana?? and they sit around and smoke so much that the neighbors, who are few and far between, can smell it? one guy was interviewed but he wouldn't show his face because he was afraid, (they did shoe his shoes and socks and spindly little legs) ...but he said he smelled "skunk" sometimes in the morning which supposedly is what a pot plant smells like!! WTF??
there's a dead skunk in the road up here every week that gets hit by a's a rural highway!! the turkey vultures take care of the carrion

it's just not plausible that there's all the pot growers here now where once was all these lovely flowers and the farmers working hard to market them...this is good old fashioned ag zoning with avocados and flowers, it's not some pot mecca...

one possiblitity is at least a few greenhouses have changed had a Johnson/Weld campaign sign out front..Libertarians! and Libertarians are mostly potheads so check that place out and VOTE NO ON 64 otherwise everyone in Carp (minus a few politicians and sons) is clean

but what I think KEYT missed is there's a cemetery on Cravens Lane...there's lots of graves there....and I presume a crematory where they burn the bodies-ashes to ashes and all that- and I'm sure they use some fragrance in the fire to mask the burning flesh....the funeral pyre with sage bundles.. I burn that all the time because it purifies my condo and the Indians do it for spiritual reasons

maybe that's what they smell...either that, or we got a bunch of new conservatives moved into the condos and they got all kinds of conspiracy theories about..about..well fuck, about just about everything!

so no....there's no big move to grow pot here and the KEYT story was just cuckoo..

Alys, my door is always open babe...check with me next time you smell a skunk

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