Thursday, September 29, 2016

Had To Cry Today

It's already written that today will be one to remember. The feeling's the same as being outside of the law. Had to cry today

female trouble..that's all there is to it

so last evening I saw a rainless rainbow; this morning the crescent moon rose with the sun, a black moon is due Friday; and non-native skunk weed is invading Carpinteria

and no sooner than we were being accused of pot growing operations, now we got a story in the Independent about Motel 6 at the corner of Via Real and Santa Monica..supposedly it's a dumping ground for parolees and the neighbors are crying out loud that crime has risen in their neighborhood....but again there's no cause for alarm....if you live by the highway, you can die by the highway, ok?


this isn't Compton people!!! geez what did Wendy tell al the news media to dump on Carpinteria to get back at me??? ok it's true we've had a few rambunctious methheads run thru the neighborhoods and an alarming rise in breweries, but what do I keep telling you about drugs?

most of the issues are related to the Casas De Las Flores, the old Camper Park on Via Real...this over-engineered apartment complex, built by Peoples Self Help Housing and paid for with  taxpayer money was supposedly built for poor ignorant Mexicans who work for the growers..but all I see is well-heeled Mexicans new big black Escalades pulling up all the time and real cute Latina gals coming and going..hey wait, maybe it's the profit-sharing with the pot growers!!!

but to be fair, I did go check out the pot issue around Cravens and Foothill behind Carpinteria...I drove around and did notice the faint odor of skunk, or essence de skunk, or mercaptans, as they are known..but it's odd, the odor eminated only from areas where JUSTIN FAREED FOR CONGRESS signs were placed...

maybe Justin is a pothead? or a skunk??

but there may be an errant farmer or two who is cultivating pot along with the variety blooms and dealing it to Carpinteria potheads..

great..we've replaced the working class with yuppie craft beer drinkers and potheads

now what do I do??


spitfire squid said...

Mick, you could share a bubbly with me. I only dive -- can't drive anyway -- after drinking.

Mick Von Caw said...

let me make one thing perfectly clear... if I become president, there will be no SQUID PRO QUO!