Sunday, September 4, 2016

Get Back

get back home, Loretta

I've noticed in Carp some white guys with their hair tied up in a tight bun on top their heads like some Aryan hipster...this is not funny and just get a haircut...Christ Almighty, I'm losing control of everything!

and the other last thing I need is a bunch of skinny white Christian blondes like Ann Coulter with eating disorders and donkey faces running around screaming "praise Jesus"....mix in a few pretty Latinas and I'm ok with it

So Donald Trump/FOX News wants to build a big wall at the Mexican border and have the Mexicans pay for it to keep te Mexicans out..well if the Mexicans are gonna pay for it, don't you think they are gonna make sure there's some access points on the wall that Trump won't know about...a few extra pesos will go a long way, amigo.

the Trump wants an SS-type force to round up the Mexicans already here in America....Hitler did that to the Jews and made them wear Yellow JUDE patches...this is 2016 and we got boneheads trying to solve the immigration issue....

I don't want a wall...I traveled thru Arizona, close to the border and it is gorgeous...desert, quiet, long dirt roads..stunning country!! I saw nobody 'cept a lone jackrabbit


so what can we do to stem the alleged flow of seems like this is an ongoing thing so while I wait for someone to figure out the dilemma of different people everywhere, I've chartered a helicopter service and we'll take tours of the border and try to spot wetbacks crossing at the Rio Grande...Wetback and Wine TastingTours

then we'll fly over to a ranch in Texas for some wine tasting and and a good old fashioned American BBQ... $500!!

but I'll be lookin' for some sunny illegal senoritas with the tight hair buns and sweaty backs...

get back to where you once belonged

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