Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Delta Lady

oh you're mine, yes you're mine

Banned Books week is coming up so I went to Chaucer's to pick up the Definitive Edition of the Diary of Anne Frank...there's a few parts Anne left out or were recovered about a certain part of the female anatomy...and that's what put it on the Banned list..

look I'm not a sex maniac but your repression equals my obsession

but first I stop at the Thai coffee shop on Milpas and the lady asks if it's gonna rain...she is so pretty! I tell her yes..tonight it will rain like in Thailand with the boats in the canals selling fish delicacies and she says we need it..I tell her I need her, right now under my breath...she smiled real nice...I wonder if she plays golf

then I get to Chaucer's and I also pick up a few cool mags and a signed first edition of Rita Coolidge's memoir.... Delta Lady...I was watching Octopussy recently-look I'm not a sex maniac but your repression equals my obsession- and Rita sings the theme song...lovely voice and always such a beautiful woman...

I drive around and spot a little owl in a tree by the park and the ocean...I see a bunch of sailboats going round in circles at Leadbetter...I spot a cheeky chick dragging her kayak around-look I'm not a sex maniac but your repression equals my obsession- then I see two leggy gals, blondes speaking German..one was about 8 ft tall... she was a blunderbuss! geez, someone get me a ladder

then I'm driving home and see a low flying helicopter in Summerland...looks like it was going down fast so I got off on Padaro and went looking for it..nowhere...must've landed at one of the estates..or crashed

then I get home and start in on Rita...she blew through Leon Russell-Rita and Leon wrote "Superstar" about Eric Clapton-the Carpenters did the honors
she nailed CSN and Kris Kristofferson...and Jim Gordon who was the drummer on Layla...as a matter of fact, Jim and Rita wrote the beautiful piano part to LAYLA although Rita wasn't credited and she's still pissed off to this day...after their relationship ended due to abuse and drugs, Jim Gordon murdered his mother!! he was coked out was diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia...not a good combo and Gordon ended up in mental hospital for life...wow

Stills wrote the lovely "Cherokee" for Rita and she says her favorite recording session was being one of the backup singers for "Love the One You're With"...there's a reason the chorus sounds so joyous!
it's a fascinating book of drugs, violence, love, laughter and music and it's high time Rita Coolidge's name was associated wth LAYLA..although she really doesn't need to be...she's a star in her own right

then I read Anne Frank's Diary and can't find the naughty part...I read and read and finally see it on page 237...the part that upset some stupid lady in Michigan ....I read it and laugh..it is hilarious..Anne Frank was a genius...she explains the female sex organs better in one paragraph than any sex-ed book or limp attempt by schools and churches...and to think some old bat in Michigan was offended by it is just sooooo lame..

however, I won't repeat the passage here..it's too dirty

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