Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You're Lost Little Girl

you're lost, tell me who are you??

hmmmmm.... on the front page of the News-Press, Paula Lopez sues KEYT for firing the parlance of the judiciary it's called wrongful termination and Paula throws in racial discrimination too for good measure...

now Wendy who owns the News-Press, or actually won it in a lottery, is being sued for wrongful termination, too...but the case has merit...poor old Wendy... if you look cross-eyed at her she'll sue..she's a troubled woman, like Paula

Paula's lawsuit I don't get....she was an anchor/reporter for a while on KEYT and then became a train wreck...the odd behavior, the booze, the DUIs....the dangerous drunk driving the wrong way down the highway and when the cops caught up with her, she kicked one of them so the reports go...

kicked a cop and she wants to read me the news on KEYT: "Good Evening, This is Paula Lopez and I kicked some dude's ass last night!! now here's the weather"

well the main issue is alcoholism and whether or not it is a disease...of course it's's a choice...addiction is a choice and if you make bad choices, you'll screw up your life and take some others down with you..Psychology 101..and if you suffer from clinical depression, the last thing you need is alcohol, which is a depressant

cancer is a disease, not alcoholism...the buck stops with the drinker, not a federal or state law that is obviously flawed....if alcohol causes a disease, then why is it legal to sell and drink???

but in this day and age, people tend to blame everyone else for their problems...Wendy blamed the cops for busting her News-Press sychophants forDUI; she blamed her reporters for Rob Lowe's idiocy; she blamed the union for her lack of business acumen...and on and on

now if folks would accept responsibilty for their own lives and deal with their mistakes, the world would be almost perfect...

but we got so many spoiled brats running around drunk when they bump into something, they run to mommy and daddy when they get arrested...instead of letting them sit in jail for a few days..

seems KEYT is not at fault here..Paula's her mess and she's gonna have to clean it up

but following Paula's   and her lawyer's line of logic, she could sue the City of Santa Barbara and the cops for arresting her while she was drinking and driving and depressed thereby violating her civil rights

and you know what..she'd probably win and the city would give her a big cash settlement!

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