Saturday, September 24, 2016

Midnight Rider

I'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no

Autumn is blew in on a warm wind....the days are hot and dry..brilliant mornings

the nights are cool and breezy 'cept when the Santanas come calling..then the nights are first Santana wind experience I felt like I was in Heaven

the fog is gone...I can smell the Fall..the fragrance I love every year..the harvest, the moon, the sunrises and sunsets are best in the Fall... the shore is full of seabirds

and there's smoke from distant fires

but I look for certain indicators to tell me that the Earth is ok...I gotta see bats, raccoons, skunks roaming around at night..I know down by the marsh the coyotes are prowling when the trees and leaves rush around

I see the Monarch butterflies flitting by, headed for the eucalyptus trees and groves...don't cut the eucalyptus down or I will cut you down...

I will cut you down

I get a light for my bike just in case..riding around the backroads on a bike on a warm September night with the moon shining bright is like riding around the backroads on a Honda 90 with the headlight shut off....

on a warm California moonlit September

a midnight rider sky above

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