Wednesday, August 24, 2016


And the songbirds are singing, like they know the score...


so I read some of the US Fish and Wildlife report about conservation of the Guadelupe Dunes and surrounding wildlife refuge..they want to control the feral swine and protect the snowy plover...the snowy plover must be the most protected bird in California...I've seen them at local beaches and they are very adaptable but dogs on the beach will harrass them...

old Chinese proverb: dogs should not be on the beach, they should be on the dinner table...totally!!

Wendy, you are a feral swine! that's how you might offend someone calling them a feral swine..or Wendy you are a wild pig and I got no probelm killing wild pigs if there is a sound reason behind it..the Channel Islands had no sound reason to kill all those pigs..and they know it

but I did go check out the Carp bluffs and the native plantings...some have their own irrigation lines installed, some are doing good, some are dead and the sycamores they planted are a bit stunted..these trees are about ten years old and should be bigger...but the soil here is saline

the only litter I saw was from dog crap and the plastic bags supposedly used to contain the dog crap...the only conclusion I can reach is dog people should not be allowed on the Carp bluffs...they are too retarded to hike

some of the native plants at the bluffs entrance are fine and I saw a bird I never noticed before: a California Thrasher, a relative to the smaller mockingbird..the mockingbirds are everywhere now and have annoying, harsher sounds..

but this thrasher atop a bush had a beautiful voice..singing a beautiful song...

now the interesting thing is the California Thrasher is native to Mexico and California

so you see, you can plant natives without ripping out all the other plants and still have harmony between nature and man and even women

the California Thrasher is a really cool bird

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