Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shoot Out The Lights

Ah he might laugh but you won't see him
As he thunders through the night

so three young people in their 20s were killed on the Mesa in a high speed crash.......liquor most certainly involved

alcohol is the only legal drug that can make you drive 100 mph thru the city neighborhood streets, become airborne, hit a tree, a telephone pole and fire hydrant and crash into a resident's yard and die with a few of your passengers..and people call it an accident

this was no accident because if you drink and drive and crash and burn it is inevitable..a's a problem, not an accident..

so I wonder where the kids were drinking....and why they were allowed to workers have a duty to call cabs and hard can that be? if you are serving booze, you have an obligation to monitor the behavior of your customers...if they are boozed up they are out of control...stumbling out the door

but the booze culture in Santa Barbara is well-established like a tick on a mutt...never know where or when it's gonna burrow to suck for more blood

the cops used to have a DUI patrol but the drunks complained the cops were too hard on them and started crying to the News-Press and the City of Santa Barbara wimped out and started handing out big settlements/money to the drunks who sued for "civil rights abuse"...that's how Wendy got rich-a divorce settlement so I'm not surprised...but the new Chief should re-instate the DUI patrol which was very effective..kick-ass effective and not defer to the News-Press wankers who are nothing more than whiskey peddlers

but what about my rights to pursue happiness with so many drunks on the road??

so where were the kids getting tanked? the Boathouse over on Hendry's maybe..that place is a cesspool with the drunks, the fights, the stabbing and the freaking dogs everywhere

so now we have more drunks and deaths on the road...three young people..dead as doornails


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