Saturday, August 27, 2016

Out In The Country

before the breathin' air is gone....

Three Dog Night

I'm always amazed when some non-native city slicker moves to the country, sees a coyote in the neighborhood, then sounds the alarm to bring your pets in...these wild dogs instill so much irrational fear in people that I conclude only irrational people fear coyotes..

I don't have pets because I don't need pets..why keep an animal locked up in a room just to ease my irrational social needs? besides, that's what girls are for

if a coyote scales the yard fence and scoops up a chihuahua or two, what's the problem..the little neurotic dogs are alway shaking and crying and the coyote is just doing them a favor while the chihuahua provides the coyote some nourishment...quid pro quo

living in the Santa Barbara area so close to the mountains, you are lucky to see so much wildlife...and with Autumn coming on, big raccoons and harvest moons are what I look forward to...and rain

I like to see coyotes and foxes and deer and skunks and snakes and ducks and geese...and possum...I don't like to see zombies walking their little dogs looking at their smart phones....and they pick up their dog's poop with plastic bags....and carry it around with them...this is completely irrational and no way to live...

"of all the causes that attract the attention of these young people, the plight of nature is one which may be truly a last call. Things wild and free are being destroyed by the impersonality of our attitude towards the land. What better way to fight this destruction of nature than to place in the hands of the young this powerful plea for a land ethic."

Carolyn Clugston Leopold

Washington, D.C.

June 1966

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