Friday, August 19, 2016

Miles From Nowhere

guess I'll take my time...

a fantastic day for a bike ride so off I went...

up to 192 and I see these weird new signs with ominous symbols..a school bus with blood and bullet holes all over it...WTF???

then down to Santa Claus Lane which is fianlly becoming the Seaside Cape Code Village envisioned by the Jewish doctor who bought and then killed the big red Santa Claus...damn Jews!!!


as usual, the new buildings don't fit into any cohesive village..they are just there, right on the Lane beckoning deranged people to walk in and start killing...

and what kind of shops will be there? a boutique, a wine tasting room and a plastic surgeon I bet... ugh!! I remember when you could buy lobsters here..seafood on ice

Padaro Lane sidewalk to nowhere

then I rode over to Padaro Lane and Loon Point...did the county install a sidewalk to nowhere?? looks like it... there's a new sidewalk from the parking lot down Padaro a few hundred yards then..nothing???? is this across from Kevin's bluffs ranch?? is this for the rich celebrities who don't want to get their new shoes dirty?? no rhyme or reason but maybe some's ridiculous

what next, a sidewalk from the Loon Point parking lot to the beach down below??

I don't like what's happening to Padaro Lane since the celebs moved in... I see in the Montecito Journal the idiot Richard Mineards sent condolences to Rob Lowe because Rob's dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Buster died...Mineards is such a parasite and a total suckass and someone is propping up Rob's career and I'd like to know who

Rob Lowe, the pussy who complained to Wendy and caused alot of News-Press reporters to lose their jobs because they reported his address after he told the planning commission where he lived... and on PUBLIC ACCESS TV!!

maybe it's the Rob Lowe Jack Russell Terrier Memorial Sidewalk

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