Saturday, August 13, 2016

Magic Carpet Ride

why don't you come with me little girl, on a magic carpet ride

now I was not invited to the polo fields when The Maharaja of Jaipur and his Royal Jaipur Polo Team Visited Santa Barbara...I read about it in the Independent and Montecito Journal...and I don't know where all these folks come from..India or whatever but they play polo and are high society so I guess you have to be extra-special to attend...and not being invited gave me a brief inferiority complex..lasted a day or so but I'm ok now

so all these polo people pose alot and there's that rich hotel dude who claims to be a polo player although I've never seen him on a horse...with tons of money, you can buy any image you want! Wendy fancies herself a newspaper publisher...but what about the poor man? the poor man is a ghost

and then I see the other polo field/sod farm/ equestrian center in Summerland is for $ale..Bella Vista with the fake stone wall entrance is owned but this hotel guy who thinks he's a world class polo player...and for $65 million, you can bust sod there, sodbuster...the plants out front are overly manicured and look faggy, but most people with money lack any common sense...basically, he sounds like an overpaid hotel clerk! but his daughter is a looker..I'd like to take her for a ride

now I love watching the Rio Olympics and the equestrian events, the ladies on horses doing ballet are just posers here, just really good horses and riders

now where is Jaipur? it's in India where they make the cool Royal Enfield motorcycles...and there's the kings and queens and princes and royal palaces and I'm sure some terrorists in there for balance...

well geez, the least The Maharaja could've done is bring me over a new motor scooter!!

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