Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Late For The Sky

The words had all been spoken but somehow the feeling still wasn't right And still we continued on through the night

Hollister Ranch is a cool place...never been inside but it's old California when the Spanish owned it...and if you planned right, you bought a parcel and now live the vida loca...

if you are wealthy you can buy whatever you want...buy the beach, buy the rain...see if I care

but the story I've been seeing in the media started in the LA Times and the locals chimed in: Hollister Ranch beach access for the public...being a private place, the coastline is pristine...when people own property, they tend to take care of it...


unfortunately, white folks moved in and turn some of our local beaches into trash strewn dog parks....I'm fighting hard to keep Santa Claus beach from suffering the same fate...when I walk on the beach I do not want to step in dog shit...white people worship dog shit..they pick it up and bag it, say a prayer then leave the bag on a rock...it's odd and curious behavior and it makes me gag
now I'm all for beach access for everyone, but if they can keep Hollister Ranch Beach private, I'm ok with that...not a big deal..let the folks who live there alone..they deserve what they got..it's isolated

now Wendy McCuckoo tried to limit beach access below her Hope Ranch mansion and that was inappropriate and mean-spirited...just because she got rich from a divorce doesn't mean the world owes her anything...fuck her!! fuck that bitch!!

and the fact that the YMCA owns some land in the area and wants to build a summer camp should be a separate issue but it's part of the lawsuit with a bunch of easments and promises when they bought the land in 1972...

camps are cool..every kid should go to camp...the tall cat on my right with the glasses had a big old Gibson guitar and I followed him around camp trying to learn stuff....great guy!! look at all them pals..my band of gypsies...we had fun and got into a little trouble

the cutie on my left...well...we were both wearing cowboy boots, pants in.... I don't know why she was the only girl in the picture but I was pretty happy...she was cool...a tomboy but all girl..look at those eyes...all the debutantes in Houston couldn't hold a candle to her!

and whose hand is she touching, ever so slightly?? it looks like we were all in on one big secret joke...what a picture!

it takes the right people to make places special...and the right ones are the owners of Hollister Ranch right now

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