Friday, August 5, 2016

The Girl From Ipanema

tall and tan and young and lovely....

I finally figured out what's wrong with the News-Press-they all got ZIKA!!

the nonprofit Channel Keeper spends lots of time and money suing the City of Santa Barbara for a few reasons: to keep the lawyers rich and to keep the fat chick's mouth full of cheeseburgers..oh you know who she is...

but Channelkeeper and Princess Kira are unnecessary because the City of Santa Barbara does a great job protecting the ocean from pollution...

so when I see reports about Rio de Janeiro's waters being polluted, about raw sewage flowing into the bay, the same water where Olympic athletes are swimming and boating, where some are wearing protective gear, I am thankful to live in the USA where pollution is taken seriously..not by conservatives, but by everyone else who uses the water for food and recreation

so I thank all the folks who work at all the sewage treatment plants, from Carp to Goleta for REALLY keeping us safe! it's a dirty job, and these folks do it without pay them well!!
but in Rio, a beautiful place, how can they live with such an environmental mess? if Channelkeeper was really worth anything, they'd be in Brazil kicking up a storm about this but it is easier to sue the City of SB and get a payday from the taxpayers...over a few gallons of sewage that overflowed when city lines back up occasionally...get real

"To those familiar with the modern Guanabara Bay, around which sprawls the city of Rio de Janeiro, this description of the region by Herman Melville must seem like a surrealist fantasy. So must the depiction of the bay in Whale Hunting, a work by 18th century Brazilian artist Leandro Joaquim, which shows giant mammals being hunted amidst the waves.

Today, much of the region's wildlife has been eradicated by the untreated sewage and industrial waste that pours into the bay on a daily basis. Broken television sets, plastic bags and used condoms are a more common sight than fish, and last week a severed arm was found floating in its waters"

it's unconscionable!!

and it will never happen here

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