Friday, August 12, 2016

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

she looked at me with big brown eyes and said....


I was driving home recently on Highway 101... it was a cold foggy August my right was the Bird Refuge, to my left was the golf course, ripped to shreds and torn asunder...Ty Warner's Montecito Country Club is being remodeled into an image of Jack Niclaus, the great old golfer whose time has come and gone...

but the Bird Refuge reeked like my old girlfriend..she had issues and a man can take only so I took what I could get, I took what I could get...then I got the hell outta there!

but when the course is finished and the golf begins, those players are going to have to smell the Bird Refuge and that means more bogeys than birdies..wheeeewwww!!! ah memories

Donald Trump recently hinted that the "second amendment people" could take care of Hillary and her pick of SCOTUS shoot them

then he said it was sarcasm...well it was stupid and besides, the second amendment people have already taken care of some fellow Sandy Hook Elementary school; in San Bernadino; in Florida; in Texas...yup, they is shooting up a storm

and the NRA keeps sending me propaganda about losing my gun rights to the libs so I should send them money. The NRA is classified as a 501(c)(4) "social welfare" organization. It exists to improve social welfare, not to produce profit. (Whether others agree that the promotion of social welfare is what it actually accomplishes is immaterial; clearly the organization sees itself this way.) A 501(c)(4), unlike a 501(c)(3), is allowed to engage in political lobbying.

lots of dumbasses in the NRA..they are like little Nazis!!

but I guess that is just Donald eschewing political correctness, whatever that is..oh I see in the News-Press an ad for Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation that says if you too are tired of political correctness, you can get on their mailing list and attend luncheons with speakers like lyin' Ted Cruz and mad dog Michelle Malkin who will tell you what you want to hear if you are conservative, facts be damned!

religious liberty? so long as your religion doesn't spill over into my life, you are free to chant and follow God's Law or Sharia Law....

but just try to force your religious views on me and you'll see what the second amendment is really all about

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Anonymous said...

Tired of political correctness? Sick of those fucking ILLEGAL Mexicans sullying up WHITES ONLY Santa Barbara? Her Royal Assholeness, Wendy McCaw, invites you to celebration being out of touch with GOP moron Donald Trump, religious con man Ted Cruz and the rest of her nasty Young Republican Racists for America with a serious of talks at the David Duke Roundtable, this week only, hosted by the Santa Barbara News-Press John Birch Society -- the oldest and least-read Republican tract in town. Join Wendy and Don, Scott for a rousing discussion of how to bring back White America with refreshments provided by it's drug addled co-publisher!