Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anybody want a hot cup of wang?

1) A very common Chinese surname(meaning KING in chinese) 2) An ancient brand of computer systems 3) Penis, dong, schlong, dork, johnson, cock, prick, dick 4) The jaw, jawbone, or cheek bone. 5) A slap; a blow. 6) A unit of measuring internet coolness
used in a sentence: Mr. Wang just pulled out his wang(penis) and wanged(slap) you in the wang(the jaw).

Who is Laura Holt
she's a typical prissy Republican chick...and we can learn a lot from her...she insists liberals are labile...labile - liable to change; "an emotionally labile person" imbalanced, unbalanced - being or thrown out of equilibrium..
Her latest article sums up why conservatives are in such dire straits...wangheads!
I think Laura can't quite accept the new president and launches into all the reasons she thinks leftie liberals are to blame for eight years of Bush. Well, it's no secret that Bush was done in by his own party! You, Laura are to blame for the present state of affairs...hysteria over illegal aliens and Islamic radicals drove the Bush administration into a ditch..OHH you cried..Mr Bush, protect me from the poor George scrapped a perfectly good Immigration Bill because a bunch of Christian radical racists cried "amnesty" and started chasing devils in Iraq, all of which help put us in the present financial and political situation....wangheads!

here's some of Laura's complaints:
and mine
Laura:Unlike the majority of Labile-Liberal-Lefties who were flat-out rude during this process, I will try to be gracious. After all, Sen. John McCain was gracious in his concession speech Tuesday night. I’ll repeat what I’ve said to a few rational friends. There are those of us who will embrace President-elect Barack Obama when and if he does something to earn it. We give him his campaign victory, of course. But now is a good time to point out that Obama won 52 percent of the vote (63 million) to McCain’s 46 percent (55.8 million.) That means half our country’s citizens did not vote for him. Half our country’s citizens remain rightfully skeptical.
thanks for the math lesson, but in America, the guy who gets the most votes, wins!
Yes, Obama gives Good Speech. And there is absolutely something momentous about seeing a biracial man — absent Washington connections — become the next president. Of course, it’s those "other" connections that give us rightful pause.
You mean Rev Wright? What's the problem..the Rev has every right to say what he do you.. basic First Amendment free speech rights! America's foreign policy which targets/hurts poor people is a stated reason why 9/11 happened..truth is ugly sometimes..there is no reason not to trade with Cuba...
The viciousness of the Labile-Liberal-Left — whose personal attacks choked constructive dialogue even among so-called friends — was a rude awakening for me.
Honesty is a rude awakening?? You need to get your hands dirty more's good for you!
I’m sorry to find many of my "liberal" friends are psychological bullies who seek to silence genuine questions using insults and attacks. Such tactics are no doubt effective with some people — by intimidating them into silence you can convince yourself that they agree. But when a guy in Ohio asks a question and he gets slimed through the media, Americans don’t get a good feeling. When media bias runs so rampant that even newsmakers own up to it, Americans have lost their free press. (Journalism R.I.P. 2008.)
Interestingly, some of the most vituperative remarks I endured came from friends in the media, arts and higher education. The very people who shape young minds — who disseminate, who influence — turned out to be the most xenophobic about discussing issues. They called me rude when I questioned "facts;" delusional when I disagreed.
how about just plain nutty...."higher education" mean like a senior fellow at the Hoover Inst?
In his acceptance speech Obama acknowledged those of us whose vote he didn’t get. He claimed to want to earn our trust. Fine. We aren’t going to agree to socialism because we work hard for our money. Share the wealth of the shadow banking bandits — not ours — We-The-People. We want our borders secured and our country protected against radical Islam.
I want to be protected from radical Christianity...
Now, if anyone out there would like to discuss those issues, as opposed to attacking some aspect of our personhood, we welcome the discussion. We agree there’s a lot that can be improved. We share a lot of common ground. We know America is an Idea. And we’re tired of seeing her bashed.
It's not America being bashed.. it's the American leaders and people who abuse her...and they will continue to be bashed..mercilessly....the personhoods!


spitfire squid said...

I Googled "religious right" and found 2.46 million entries.

"Religious left" had only 176,000.


Mick said...

Hey Squid, make yourself useful and hook me up with Laura!